Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy Mod Podge Children's Wall Art

Have you ever Mod-Podged?  My friend Shannon introduced me to it!  I'm in love.  To make this simple craft just go to your local craft store of choice (with coupons in hand of which I did not this time, "sad face") and purchase:

1) A wooden letter (I got a white one) - one for each of my older two children's first initials.
2) A piece of scrapbook paper and stickers that match.
3) Mod Podge glue.
4) A small brush.
5) You'll also need a pencil to trace the letter onto the paper and scissors to cut it out.


1) Trace the letter onto the paper.
2) Cut it out.
3) Paint a layer of mod podge glue onto the letter.
4) Place the cut out letter over the wooden letter and rub your fingers across it so it sticks.
5) Place your stickers any way you'd like.
6) Put another layer of mod podge glue over that layer.
7) Let dry.
8) Repeat for a second layer.
9) Add a wall hanging hook to the letter.


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  1. Very cute ideas and a great tutorial. Thanks!


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