Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is There Not A Cause? It's Time To Evaluate Your Blog.

Why do you have a blog?  Is it to keep your family up to date with your life?  Is it to bring humor into people's lives?  Is it to encourage?  Is it to write devotionals?  Is it to do fun tutorials and D.I.Y projects?  Is it to make a little profit on the side while you are a stay at home Mama?  Why do you have a blog?

For me, it is birthed from desperation.  A overwhelming need to write.  A driving force to create beauty and art.  The need to urge others towards godly living.  There is a gut-wrenching desperation within my innermost being... 

With anything we do in life, we should take a step back and bring it before the Lord.  Offer it back to Him.  Reevaluate things.  Check your motives.  Send it through a filter of sorts.

There should be integrity with our writing.

There should be intention behind our writing.


1 Samuel 17:29 " And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?"

Are you writing just for the sake of writing or is there a purpose?  Is there not a cause?

"Women have become a needy people.  Needy of approval.  Needy of affection.  Needy of pleasing people.  With that need can come the hamster wheel cycle of run - run - run but never get anywhere... we then lead shallow lives without integrity and intention.  There is a threat of becoming cultural copycats instead of exactly who God designed us to be."

More than my desperate need to write comes the desperate love of God.  A love so amazing, so wonderful, so powerful.  It must be His purpose in my life that is the driving force.  Anything apart from that is earthly, sensual, self-pleasing.

Is there not a cause?  Your life... you are here for a purpose, sweet sister of God.  Does your life have a cause or are your days viewed as mundane tasks that get checked off only to hurry up and shuffle into your tomorrow.  Your tomorrow isn't a guarantee.  You only have today.  Maybe not even today.

There is a cause.  It's His cause.  Ask Him for wisdom and guidance.  He will be faithful to reveal it to you as you submit your day, your life, your schedule, your expectations to Him.  Lay it all at His feet right now.  

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  1. So insightful. Thank you, this is a great reminder to keep life simple,and stop running and enjoy what you have!

  2. Great post, and so true. We need to have a purpose of blogging!

  3. AMEN AND AMEN! What a wonderful post to have me rethinking my purpose for blogging! God bless:)

  4. I just heard this the other day and it really struck a chord in me. " I learn while I write and I write while I learn." ( Augustine) I'm sure those who penned the new testament would have said the same. Most of my writing is in my own journal nowadays. But I do share when I feel led and sometimes just one on one converstions that are orchestrated by the Lord. But itsure does tend to 'stick' with me more when I wrie it down. Kind of like taking notes in school excpet in tis case, the Holy Spirit is dictating and I am writing it down. : )

  5. thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I blog to encourage women in their walk with the Lord. Cliche I know, but I pray every day that I do just that!

  7. I write because He called me. I blog because that is the vehicle He is currently using. I do both because I believe He's called me to encourage men, women and children alike. I'm His vessel through which He speaks. I'm honored, humbled, blessed and out of my mind thankful!

  8. This got me thinking too... I know my general purpose in writing, but I am still seeking the specific. GOd will reveal in His timing, and I have to be patient in the meantime. *sigh*


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