Monday, May 21, 2012

A Father's Love

A Daddy who worked 6 full days from dawn to dark.
Little children were missing their Daddy.
5 year old daughter pulled me aside and said, Mommy, I had a dream Daddy came home and I saw him.
Tears filled her eyes.
That broke my heart.
Daddy called Saturday afternoon to invite the babes to ride on his monster spreader truck.
They were thrilled.
Pure joy.
Sunday was church as a family.
Afternoon spent helping Daddy wash the car.
Family night getting ice cream and enjoying time together.
Children need their Daddy's.
I love my children's father.
I rather adore him.
No matter how much he as to work, he still makes time on his only day off to love on his babes.
It makes me smile.
Pure joy.

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