Friday, May 25, 2012

On Not Bullying Our Children

I have the blessed opportunity to win my little babe's hearts.  Each heart.  Each.  Precious.  Heart.  Many a good day I breathe life into their souls.  I smile a lot.  I laugh and see them quickly respond with a heart turned towards a safety they've found.  For when Mama is happy and joyful, the home is a beautiful haven of music.  It's louder and more effective than any station on the radio.  The notes dance across the day from one beautiful moment to next.  Time is shared and not wasted.  For wasted time is time wasted.  Profound?  No.  It doesn't need to be.  It's rather simple yet we make it complex.

Our little babes want us.  They want our attention.  They want our praise.  Are you taking hold of this precious opportunity?  Do you work outside your home?  Then how are you spending time with your babes when you see them?  Do you send your children to school?  Are you (am I) speaking life-giving words and actions into their souls when we are with them?

Many a time I don't.  I don't seize the opportunity of the day.  Week.  Month.  I shamefully push a day into the next without intentional gift-giving.  Yes, gifts.  You and I give gifts to our babes.  Do you see their eyes when you really listen to them?  When you stop your web surfing, meal planning, texting, and that book you just can't put down.  

I want to be a gentle presence in our home.  All day long with the problems that arise, because any mama knows that problems arise all-day-long, I want to respond with gentleness.  Never harsh bullying into submission and obedience.  When discipline needs to happen, I want to move slowly, act speedy, and respond softly.  I want to win their hearts.  For in winning their hearts, I have gained a piece of their soul.  I have created a trust that can't be broken with the hopes that they will always feel it's okay to ask me anything when those dreaded tween years approach.  I have created a place for the gospel to be heard and most importantly for the heart of God to be seen.  In me.  Wow.

I have the opportunity.  I want the opportunity.  I will seize the opportunity.  Will you?


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  1. I loved reading this today. What an amazing reminder of the opportunity placed before us - and the huge task and responsibility we have in raising these precious children of ours. You humble me with your honest and truthful words. Thank you

  2. Wow is right. What opportunity! And what blessing to realize it. Beautiful post.

  3. Beautiful, came over from FMF, Lisa Jo's. This really resonates with my heart today. So tenderly, lovingly written. Great words.

  4. I love this: "I have created a place for the gospel to be heard and most importantly for the heart of God to be seen. In me. Wow."

    We all have that sacred opportunity!

    I cannot believe how many of you talented ladies can write such profound art in five minutes, without stopping or editing!

    My mind goes blank when I know I only have five minutes to write!


  5. wow. that was beautiful, and inspiring. thank you so, much.

  6. Oh boy did God want me to see this today. Somehow, through the endless world of Pinterest...He brought me these words that you wrote months ago! Thank you for listening to the spirit within you to write this. Where IS the line of "needed discipline" and "loosing our cool bullying" with our kids? I'm in the trenches with toddlers and an infant and feel like many days are spent yelling, spanking, and crying...from them and me...ok...mostly me. I came to your blog through your post on Matthew 6:33.....which ties me to point them to all that I do....even discipline. Thank you my dear sister in Him, for your lift of encouragement to this weary momma!


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