Friday, June 29, 2012


I remember putting on little dance recitals as a young girl.  Me here, little sister there... smiles and anticipation filled the room.  Would they be proud of us?  Would they think we did our moves perfectly?  Did we look pretty enough?  Did I mess up?  

Life is a dance and it isn't about looking perfect or wondering if I'll mess up, but just simply choosing to dance.  The wonder.  The hunger.  Never taking a breath for granted.  The smallness of standing beside a vast ocean. The wonder of my big, great, awesome Heavenly Father.  

It's not about perfection, but choosing to always make time to dance.  Under raindrops and beneath sunlight.  That's where the bravery comes in.  Don't sit out... get out there and dance.  Don't settle for the path of least resistance.  

That's what I want for my children.  Don't be afraid, dear children, to wake up each morning and choose to dance.  Through the joys and pains of life, dance makes everything a little sweeter.  Simpler.  More lovely.  

Will I show them this example?  Will I, the mother, dance through my days of poopy diapers, mundane chores, cloudy storms, and uphill battles?  Will I choose to turn up the music of my Savior and dance to His perfect joy?  I set the example.  I tune the radio of their little souls.  

And dance... brings smiles.  Giggles. Belly Laughs!  Do get out there and dance, sweet mother.  When life is a blur and you can't seem to keep your head a float, put aside the dishes, the laundry, the chores... and dance with your little babes!



  1. Oh Traci! Love this line the most: "Life is a dance and it isn't about looking perfect or wondering if I'll mess up, but just simply choosing to dance." Visiting from Lisa Jo's today and glad I did!

  2. Hi there - this is my first 5 Minute Friday and I loved reading about your dance - you are so right...... dance with your babies and teach them to dance too. Through everything life brings. Just stop what you are doing and dance!

  3. Yes! Life is a dance and I want to choose to dance every day! Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Yes!!! Can't imagine not dancing through life!!!

  5. What a very lovely post. I needed those thoughts today. Blessings to you!


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