Friday, June 8, 2012

Expectation - Five Minute Friday

Fly with me, as I dream big.  I am a young girl, sitting in a tree house, climbing rocks, wading through creek beds, dreaming.  Fly with me.

My feet touch the warm grass, and I wiggle my toes between its blades.  I dip my dusty feet into a pond and search for tiny fish.  Fly with me.

I'm a girl who loves to dream.  To expect the day to be nothing more than the very best.  To feel the excitement of the wind, personal connection, and the joys of the day.  I know all to well that to expect only good is foolish because my Father promises storms will come.  

A storm cloud, as big as the earth waltzed over my daughter's soccer field last night.  Big, monstrous raindrops pounded on the windows of our car as I drove the three little ones home to safety.  The whole car shook from the force of the water.  What, I said... not expecting to hear what she said way back in third row.  She said it again and I didn't hear.  We just smiled at one another.  Sometimes the not so ordinary, {a surprise rain storm on a car ride home} can be enough to shake up a boring day and make life smile again.  

We looked up and saw that pretty rainbow, that stood from bottom of road to the very top of the heavens.  We all enjoyed the gift of that moment.  Fly with me.

And so, when life seems unfair, and the burdens of sin weigh you down, and you cry stream beds of tears because it saddens you, and you just want to escape and make it all go away, keep dreaming, keep expecting, keep hoping.  There is a rainbow after your storm, dear friend.  It's coming, and it is oh so beautiful.  Fly with me. 

I'm no longer that young girl who dreamed outside as the heat of the Summer sun tanned my arms and face, but I'm a grown woman, a wife, a mom, a child of the King of Kings, who still dreams big, each and every day.  Expectation and hope are sisters.  They are optimists; but never so naive to know that storms will arise... but they choose to believe the best.


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  1. absolutely beautiful! rainbows are full of promise! promise God made to Himself and promises to us of His own promise! blue skies follow the rainbow :) keep lookin ahead! stoppin by from FMF :)

  2. Your words are so lovely! They breathe and live and creep off the page into my heart...

  3. Hi Traci - I'm here to spread some have an award at my blog. Check it out here...thank YOU for spreading Sunshine too. :-*

  4. Thx for the reminder of the rainbow after the storm! :)

  5. Wow... thx for the reminder of rainbows after the storm. :D


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