Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Stay In Love With Your Husband For A Lifetime

I see good marriages fail all around me.  Every day.  People that I never would have expected.  Ever.  It hurts.  Here are some ways that you can stay in love with your spouse for a lifetime.  Is your marriage failing? Why not start at #1 again?

1) Always strive to uphold your friendship.
2) Always seek to please the other person.
3) Never, ever, ever, ever go to bed angry.
4) Always keep your communication current.
5) Be affectionate often.
6) Praise one another privately and publicly.
7) Don't let irritations turn into resentment.
8) Don't compare your husband with another man.
9) Get away, just the 2 of you, once in awhile.
10) Try to date weekly or every other week.
11) Pray/read the Bible together.
12) Serve in church together.
13) Encourage them to partake in activities they enjoy.
14) Laugh every day!
15) Don't let children come before your relationship.
16) Don't let pride get the best of your marriage.
17) Say goodbye to always needing to be right.
18) Flirt with each other.
19) Seek to do special things for the other person.
20) Find time to be silly with one another.

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  1. I appreciate this! It is a good list. I see a lot of marriages fail too, and it is sad. Our culture is warring against our marriages. It is a battle!

  2. OH WHAT A GREAT LIST!!! Great job Traci....you inspire so many. XO

  3. Very true! Thanks for the heap of good ideas! Will put a couple of these into practice today.


  4. EXCELLENT advice, Traci! I see marriages crumble far to often. And it is not just the unbelievers.

  5. Such valuable, encouraging tips and the return on the investment will be priceless!

  6. Such valuable, encouraging tips and the return on the investment will be priceless!

  7. I always say that you must make the "we" a priority over the "me" in your marriage. In all things great and small in your marriage. Works for my hubby and I.


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