Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Prayer For Your Home

I ran across these verses in my devotions this morning and they totally jumped off my Bible at me.  I hope they bless you.  Let's make these verses our prayer?

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  1. yes, love this verse!! I've always been told it is a good one to post near the TV! :)

  2. Our homes are where we can pour ourselves into our children and husbands and make such a difference! It is no coincidence that this is where most of our secret or not-so-secret annoyances come from - how many loads of laundry do I do and it is never finished? Why do you need a meal EVERY day? Who left the dirty glass here for me to pick up - am I a maid? It is good to remember that we need to walk in integrity in our own homes more than we need to 'look good' out in the world somewhere...

  3. "Turn my eyes from worthless things." This is the Scripture verse that is on my bathroom mirror this week! Thanks for the post....a blessing indeed.


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