Friday, June 22, 2012

Risk & The Bullied Grandma

Risk involves saying no to what everyone is saying yes to.  It wears bravery in the face of bandwagons and crowd pleasers.  Raising little babes in this world takes risk.  Some say, why have kids... this world is just getting worse.  I mean, just look at the bullying incident in my hometown this week that has gained national attention.

Raising children in this day in age takes risk... but God's power in our children's lives far out shadows the risk.  I say, let's all have lots of babies and raise them to walk with the Lord.  But then again, no matter what we do and how we raise our children, the Holy Spirit must get a hold of their lives and change them from the inside out.  Because really, any one of our children could have been on that video posted to facebook.

I wept this morning in my kitchen over it.  I did.  My heart broke for that Grandma.  My heart also broke for those teenagers that thought, for some reason, being so cruel to someone else would make them cool.  Popular.  In fact, it brought just the opposite.  Death threats.  I bet they think that isn't very cool now.  

From a very young age, teach your little ones to always include everyone.  To never speak an unkind word about the chubby kid in their class, or the child that doesn't look like everyone else, or the kid sitting alone at the lunch table.  Teach them that everyone has feelings and it is never, ever, okay to make someone feel so inferior.  Teach them that first is last and last is first and this life is not about them.  Teach them to love others how Christ loves them.  Most of all, teach them responsibility for their actions.

Since lighting up the web, people have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to send this Grandma on a vacation.  That's wonderful... but what about holding this teens accountable and making them publicly apologize to this sweet lady?  

How do you instill values into your children's lives?  Do you think it is risky to have children in this day and age?  Do you believe that God's power in their lives is worth the risk?  I DO! 




  1. Great 5 minute Friday! I read about that Grandma. So sad :(

  2. I am linking up at Lisa Jo's beside you. What a powerful post. God brought me here I am certain. Your words are so beautiful and strong. I do not know of this via the news, but i know of bullying in my family, as we have experienced it first hand with a child. Thanks for raising awareness and for challenging us all to love as Christ loved.

  3. Beautiful. I followed the story of the bullied Grandma. There is so much meanness in the world, and such a broad opportunity for Grace. Thank you for taking the opportunity that 5 Minute Friday afforded you to share this.
    Peace and good.

  4. Linking up from Lisa-Jo's this morning. We're following the story of this Grandma, and as a grandma, it chilled me to the core. Thanks for taking the opportunity to spread this story from your blog this morning. We need to encourage the instillation of values in our children, especially respect for themselves and for others. Without respect for self, we can't respect and love others. Blessings on your town and you!

  5. I have not watched the video, I don't know if my soul can handle it, but the story hurt me, and I pray for all of those involved.


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