Friday, August 17, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge! Join Me?

Over the next 30 days, find time to capture one of these things each day.  Check off your list as you are inspired... no need to go in order.  Start this Monday, August 20th and come back and share your photos September 18th!  I will pick my TOP 10 favorite photos - you could be featured here!

Day 1:    Self Portrait
Day 2:    Black & White
Day 3:    Childhood Memory
Day 4:    Clouds
Day 5:    A Child/Children
Day 6:    Fruit
Day 7:    Something Green
Day 8:    Something Red
Day 9:    Sunset
Day 10:  Hands
Day 11:  Close Up
Day 12:  From A High Angle
Day 13:  From A Low Angle
Day 14:  An Animal
Day 15:  Someone You Love
Day 16:  Something You Are Passionate About
Day 17:  An Action Shot
Day 18:  A Couple Who Is Engaged
Day 19:  A Stack Of Books
Day 20:  Something Old
Day 21:  A Newborn Baby
Day 22:  A Bride
Day 23:  A Picture Of Water
Day 24:  Shoes
Day 25:  From A Distance
Day 26:  Inspirational
Day 27:  Something Romantic
Day 28:  Laughter
Day 29:  Sepia Photo
Day 30:  A Reflection

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  1. I would LOVE to do this! Hmmm, now the question is CAN I do this. :)

  2. Sounds FUN! I'm in!!!

  3. I love the idea and I may join the fun.


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