Monday, August 27, 2012

Here's My Plan For Losing 20 Pounds

As I said in THIS POST, you can lose 20 pounds by November 4th if you lose 2 pounds a week.  Realistically that sounds easy.  2 pounds a week.  No biggy.  Well, it's kind of a big deal for people like me who gain the 2 pounds back they lost during the week, on the weekend.  So that is why you need to write out a plan for yourself!

Here's mine:

1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I do love water but sometimes I forget to drink it.
2) Try to eat 6 small meals a day.  This keeps my metabolism revving.  Well, not revving, but moving at some sort of pace.  
3) Eat a lot more protein, fruits, and veggies.  Whole foods is what my body responds to.
4) Just say no to refined sugar and grains.  Refined sugars and grains leaves me sluggish, depressed, and miserable.  Not to mention it packs on the flab.
5) Limit the caffeine.  I have come to find that caffeine tends to make me angry and unsettled.  It alters my blood sugar in a way that is no good for this gal.    
6) No eating after 8 pm.  Not eating after 8 gives me structure and keeps me from mindless eating after the kids go to bed.
7) Walk 3-4 times a week.  I will find time to walk outside or do Leslie Sansone's walking DVDs.
8) Stay focused on the weekends.  Like many of you have said, weekends are a downfall.  I will not let myself get lax on the weekends.
9) Weigh in on Sundays.  Weigh in once a week.
10) Track your pounds lost (and gained)!  This will keep me accountable.

Feel free to blog about your plan and link up below in the comments.  Or just comment with your plan :-)

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  1. You can do it Traci!!!! I always gain on weekends and lose it during the week. Story of my life. But, I walk every day and I NEED to drink my water!!! Good luck!

  2. Exciting! That is a really great plan! I need to lose 25 lbs by November 14! I will do it with you :)

  3. Great plan, Traci. I know you can do it!

  4. I think it is very helpful to have a plan written out like you have. I've been on Medifast since March 7th and as of last week my total lost is 68! I am hoping that when I weigh in on Friday - I will have reached a goal that I had given up on. Being under 200 lbs. It is almost unbelievable that it is within reach! My doctor wants me to become a health coach with Medifast. I will have to find a couple people willing to begin the plan. I am praying that the Lord will use me for His purposes - so maybe this is part of His plan...yet to be seen though. I am proud of you for being healthy and knowing what works best for you! We all have to find what works for ourselves. Let me know if you have a weak moment....we can give each other pep talks! :)

  5. Having a plan written down like this is very helpful! I have been on Medifast since March 7th. My total lost is 68 and I am 2 lbs. away from reaching a goal I had given up on reaching. I'm praying about becoming a health coach with Medifast. If the Lord provides a couple of people who want to try the program - I will give it a try. It feels so much better to be healthy! I'm proud of you for finding what works for you! It's important to know how your body responds to things! We are all so different!
    God bless your journey and call me if you have a weak moment! We can give each other pep talks! :)

  6. I love this, and am excited to get going!

    My biggest things are

    *eat breakfast..sometimes I forget
    *drink more water (8 glasses) and limit caffeine
    *limit sugar
    *walk 4 days a week
    *make healthy choices

  7. Awesome tips! I have 15 more to go too. Good luck! :) Lauren,

  8. You go, girl! You can do it!

  9. Sounds like a great plan Traci! Best wishes on reaching your goals. I've been doing most of these for several months, but with a sluggish thyroid, I'm not making much progress. If I could lose 5# by Nov and keep it off, I would be one happy camper. Thanks so much for your inspiration!!

  10. WEll, Traci that sounds like a VERY good plan. Practical and do-able! We are starting up some serious extra exercise here as when the weather changes I think I must eat more!!!! UGH!

  11. You inspire me. I have a lot of weight to lose, over 50lbs. It's been hard, as I am realizing that I must change my mindset. I am stuck in old patterns that don't go away easily. My current plan is to drink lots of water and begin tracking my food with Weight Watchers on line. After that I hope to begin walking a few days a week.


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