Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Got To Meet A Blogging Friend Today!

We are kindred spirits, her and I.  I met her through blogging (Becky from Daye By Daye) and found out through a common interest, Wegmans grocery store, that we actually live only 20 minutes apart!  She has three kids, {girl, boy, boy} and I have three kids, {girl, boy, boy}.  Her son Gibson and our son Carson are only a month apart!  They came over today for a play date.  I asked the kids, do you think it's weird that we've never met?  They told me no and how it's so awesome and neat that we have a common bond in Jesus.  His blood unites us and His grace danced over us today.

God's so good to bring special new friends into our lives just when we need it.  I needed it.  Our kiddos hit it off right away.  We had coffee, brunch, played at a local playground, and had ice cream on the back patio.  Becky even got to dance with our littlest, Grant.  Such a special day!  Thank you Jesus, you are so good to us.

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  1. What a strange and beautiful thing to have someone blog about ME! I find myself to be a bit overwhelmed by God's goodness in this. Thank you!!!

  2. So wonderful that you live so close and were blessed to meet each other face to face!! I have made some wonderful blogging friends and pray to one day meet some in real life.

  3. Oh Traci - I am SOO excited for you. Absolutely enjoyed all the photos. How wonderful you live so close. I got to meet a blogging friend just recently too...if you haven't read my post, here's the link. Oh what a blessed time. God is so good to give 'new' family on earth...that we'll get to be with in heaven too. SO glad you shared. Enjoy a wonderful weekend Dear.

  4. Oh what a fun day!


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