Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Important Of Creating Vivid Memories For Our Children

Vivid.  Having the appearance of vigorous life or freshness.  Producing a strong or clear impression on the senses: producing distinct mental images.

The smell of country apple body spray.  Breathing in the freshness of pine cones; the kind that leave the tips of  your fingers sticky, and take you to a childhood fire, wrapped up in blanket on the eve of Christmas.  The feel of soft cotton robe pulled up above lips, caressing cheeks back and forth.

There are smells, touches, sounds... evoking memories, buried deep within, that come rising to the surface.  Some, I sit and day dream about, never wanting to wake up.  Others, I rip the blinds closed, blacking out any remembrance.  

I want my little babes to remember sweet, special memories of our home.  I want each smell, each touch, each sound to give them an abundance of a precious storehouse of memories.  I want the grace of God to dance upon their minds, and recall His faithfulness and mercy.

And so, with each day, lifted to God as an offering of sweet-smelling praise, I will seek to create an atmosphere of peace in our home.  No loud voices that damage little souls.  No harsh tones that breakdown and crush spirits.  Arms wrapped around with love, Christ's unconditional love spilled forth.

VIVID MEMORIES that will last a lifetime.  May they always look back, and never want to wake up.

By no means am I perfect in this parenting journey.  There are sometimes loud voices, harsh tones, and will you forgive Mommy moments.  I'm a work in progress... and the Lord is so very gracious.

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  1. What beautiful children and photos.

    I love what you say about creating 'vivid' memories for your children. What a great thought. These photos are definitely vivid!

    Thank you for visiting 'Encourage One Another' yesterday. It's nice to meet you!

  2. I to say often enjoy all the precious moments and make memories for your children. Also, I think it is important that you tell them about yourself. Share your life experiences with the.


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