Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Kiss On Your Brow

It's days like these, when the autumn breeze passes through  window panes and leaves a kiss of sweetness on your brow.  The kind a lover leaves on the forehead of his woman as he cups her face with his hands.  When the finale of lawn mowers hum their symphony and summer lays down her weary head, ushering in the awakening of fall. 

New beginnings.  New changes.  New schedules.  New steps...

Do you feel it?  All this freshness in the air?  Are there things you are excited for yet scared of all at the same time?  Just take the first step in faith... God will carry you the remainder of the journey.

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  1. Ah Traci...
    This is exactly how I've been feeling! the excitement of the potential... where is God taking me right now?!

  2. Just lovely thoughts for another new season.


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