Monday, September 24, 2012

Practical Ways You Can Become A Proverbs 31 Woman!

Oh the infamous woman of proverbs chapter 31.  You know the one... that woman that makes you feel horrible and nothing but a failure!  I read Proverbs 31, once again, the other day... and instead I was totally encouraged by this woman of God.  I noticed the joy and peace and total freedom this chapter exudes.  I mean, it's almost dripping with joy!

Instead of reading this chapter and walking away feeling like a reject, why not strive to make practical changes in your own life that would make YOU such a woman of God!  It's really not that hard.  

It never said that this lady was perfect or never had an off day, but that her life could be described in such a way because of her character and walk with the Lord.  Which one of these could you start working on this week?  

1.She is far more precious than jewels.
{You are precious, stop thinking and saying otherwise!}

2. She is capable.
{You are able.}

3. She is intelligent.
{You are smart and one of a kind.  He created you special.  Thank Him for this.}

4. She is virtuous.
{Don't fill your head and heart with garbage.}

5. Her husband trusts in her.
{Strive to be trustworthy.  Do things to win and keep his trust.}

6. Her husband believes in her.
{Stick to your goals and prove to your husband that he can believe in you.}

7. Her husband lacks nothing.
{Seek to please your husband emotionally, physically, and spiritually.}

8. She does him good all of her days.
{Seek to do 5 things a day that are just plain good for him.}

9. She comforts her husband.
{When he is discouraged, speak words of life into him.}

10. She encourages her husband.
{Lift his spirits.}

11. She does nothing to harm him.
{Don't be his enemy, be his best friend.}

12. She's a hard worker.
{Do your best to work hard.  It will keep you out of trouble.}

13. She rises early and gets fed with the bread of life.
{Get your spiritual nourishment for the day first.}

14. Her spiritual food sustains her and gives her strength.
{This will be the number one thing that will give you strength for all other tasks.}

15. She's not lazy.
{There is a difference between taking time to relax and living a life of relaxation.}

16. She's a giver not a taker.
{Don't be a woman that is only out to get... always seek to have a "giver" mindset.  How can you bless someone else today?}

17. She seeks to bless her household.
{Your household should receive your very best... not leftovers.}

18. She makes wise choices with money.
{Be frugal.}

19. She is not hasty to make purchases before she pays off debt.
{Take time to think before you buy.}

20. She is frugal yet not stingy.
{Don't be selfish.}

21. She makes money in order to bless others and give more.
{Save more in order to give more to the needy.}

22. She works hard to keep her body strong and healthy.
{Make time to workout and exercise daily.}

23. She works hard to keep her mind healthy by right thinking.
{Physical exercise will help your mind stay sharp.  Think on things that are true and holy.}

24. She works hard to keep her walk with the Lord thriving.
 {Stay in God's Word daily.  Meditate upon His truths.}

25. She sees that her time and efforts are profitable and doesn't waste.
{Don't say yes to everything.  Seek to say yes to that which is profitable and will have an eternal weight and reward.}

26. She gives to the poor and reaches out to the needy.
 {How can you give to the poor?  Seek to give as a family.}

27. She is a planner and is prepared for any season.
 {Take inventory of household goods and plan for the next season.}

28. She is dignified.
{Act in a way that is honorable and respectful.}

29. Her husband is well known in the gates because she praises him.
{Never talk bad about your husband, only good.}

30. She is happy and hopeful.
{Don't take life so seriously.  Laugh a lot.}

31. When she opens her mouth she speaks wisdom not destruction.
  {Speak wise words.}

32. She has a kind heart.
{If you let God's kindness shine upon your heart, it will overflow from your lips and life.}

33. She is not idle nor a busybody.
{Stay busy doing good things so you don't get caught up in gossip and worthless talk.} 

34. She refuses to take even a morsel of gossip or self-pity.
{Don't even taste a little of it!}

35. Her children rise up and bless her.
{Live in a way that your children will praise you and bless you.}

36. Her husband praises her.
{He will praise you publicly because you seek to honor him privately.}

37. Charm and beauty is vanity, because it is fleeting and material.
 {Remember beauty will fade.}

38. A woman that fears the Lord will be exulted and praised.
 {The only way to be lifted up is to fear and honor the Lord.}

39. Her life produces fruit.
 {Bear fruit because of the little choices you make every day to be obedient.}

40. She reveres the Lord.
{Respect the Lord's place in your life.  Truly keep Him first above all else.}

41. Her life is worship to her Savior, and King of Kings.
 {Let all of your life be worship.} 

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  1. Excellent practical tips! Thanks, Traci!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging blog today!

  3. So beautiful! (still a little overwhelming though - no lie)

    Great way to break it down!

  4. Oh Traci - I love this.

  5. LOVE this!! :) I really don't much like Proverbs 31 nor any Mother's Day sermon about children rising up and calling their mothers blessed because I have this silly fear that I don't measure up ... I love your PRACTICAL take on this - and perhaps I can let go of some of my high expectations!! :)

  6. LOVE this, Traci!

  7. Love this! It really breaks Proverbs down into practical, easy to understand steps! Thanks for this!!!

  8. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Thank you for this. I will be bookmarking this and reading it often. This was just the thing i needed today. Just wonderful.... :)

  9. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Thank you for this. I will be bookmarking this and reading it often. This was just the thing i needed today. Just wonderful.... :)

  10. Danielle5:05 PM

    I needed this today. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

  11. Anonymous12:36 AM

    thanks a lot.

  12. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Beautiful and I intend to live by it
    God bless

  13. Love this perspective on the Proverbs 31 woman! Thank you for making the unattainable attainable!

  14. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I needed this. Thank you.

  15. Anonymous9:36 AM

    What version of the bible are these verses taken from? I love the tips, but would like to refer back to scripture/

  16. This was a refreshing practical way to be a proverbs 31 women! ! Thank You so much for sharing this and may God bless you to continue encouraging & showing women to be of God!!!:-)


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