Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Results From My 30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 1:    Self Portrait

Day 2:    Black & White

Day 3:    Childhood Memory

Day 4:    Clouds

Day 5:    A Child/Children

Day 6:    Fruit

Day 7:    Something Green

Day 8:    Something Red

Day 9:    Sunset

Day 10:  Hands

Day 11:  Close Up

Day 12:  From A High Angle

Day 13:  From A Low Angle

Day 14:  An Animal

Day 15:  Someone You Love

Day 16:  Something You Are Passionate About

Day 17:  An Action Shot

Day 18:  A Couple Who Is Engaged

Day 19:  A Stack Of Books

Day 20:  Something Old

Day 21:  A Newborn Baby (archived)

Day 22:  A Bride

Day 23:  A Picture Of Water

Day 24:  Shoes

Day 25:  From A Distance

Day 26:  Inspirational

Day 27:  Something Romantic

Day 28:  Laughter

Day 29:  Sepia Photo

Day 30:  A Reflection

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  1. Lovely!!! I enjoyed this so much. But got stuck on an engaged couple. And then I traveled and well- STILL trying to catch up on everything.
    But thank you for sharing the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful, Traci. The music was very nice also.

    Marlene A Hibbard


  3. Awesome job Traci! Fantastic photos...I smiled all the way through looking at them. Keep up the good work Girl.


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