Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Pieces Of Advice For You, The Allume Newbie

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It's getting closer.  Nine days.  That knot in your stomach is growing bigger as your mind races about all that lies ahead.  What have you gotten yourself into?  Will people like you?  Will you look like a dork?  Will you trip on your heels and dump that goblet of ice water down the front of another blogger's shirt?  Here's my advice for you, the newbie.

1) Be yourself.  Trust me, I know you will be nervous.  I mean, meeting a bunch of online buddies all in one location can sure be intimidating.  But just remember... everyone is a little bit jittery, and people will love you for being yourself.  So take a big, deep breath, and exhale YOU.

2) Leave your expectations at home.  Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.  Unrealistic expectations leaves room for a disconnect in your heart.  Don't pack any in your suitcase.

3) Dress comfortable. Trust me, you want to be comfy!  It's like one big pajama party with friends!

4) Seek to be a blessing.  Don't go to the conference with the intention of being blessed, but to be a blessing to others.  Seek to minister, not promote yourself.  In doing this, you will be blessed!

5) Don't spread yourself thin.  I know, people to see, sessions to attend, speakers to hear, blogging buddies to connect with, coffee to administer intravenously drink, laughter to be had, .... just don't go all cray-crazy.  Pace yourself.  Make time to breathe.  This may look like finding a quiet corner and praying or taking a quick cat nap.  A constant flow of people traffic can be draining!

6) Take notes.  Be sure to take some epic notes.  You won't regret it.

7) Enjoy each moment.  Don't be in such a rush to go to that next place on your list.  Enjoy each moment.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

8) Have an open heart.  I can't stress this enough.  What you think you will get out of the conference might look totally different to what God has planned for your weekend.  Leave your heart in His hands.

9) Be flexible.  Flexibility is a favorable asset.  Be flexible with schedules, people, and most of all, yourself.

10) Just have fun.  Don't take your time in Harrisburg too seriously.  Let loose and have fun!  

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  1. that's some good advice for this newbie!

  2. Great list of advice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Epic notes- love that! Thanks for the great advice, Traci. Thankful that I get to do this with YOU!

  4. So glad you'll be there with me to pull back the reins or give me a push if I need it. Great list. I will definitely be taking notes!

  5. Traci thank you! I am glad for the advice and the reminder to breathe!

  6. Always enjoy the moments of friendship learning and fun which I can see your are doing and have done. I do know that the best way to get to know people is to ask them questions about themselves. Usually it will become a two way conversation; but some people just like to talk about theirselves.

  7. Great thoughts, Traci! Thanks for sharing your heart about it.


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