Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7 ways the written word can bless others

The written word is powerful!  How are you using it to express His power in your life?  We are meant to be connected.  Often times, all I want to do it retreat and fold within myself.  Like a scared child, huddled in the corner, protection is sought.  When we shed our layers of insecurities and open our lives to others, it is costly.  But Jesus asks us to do this very thing.  To pour our very lives into others.  Do you do this willingly or reluctantly?

Each day when you wake up, ask the Lord, "how can you use me to day to minister to someone today?"

There are so many needs that it can overwhelm you if you let it.  Don't let them.  Take them to the Lord and lay them at His feet as an offering.  Ask Him to show you what you can do, and then be obedient.

Some ideas of how the written word can bless someone today:

1) Send a card via snail mail to someone who needs some encouragement.

2) Use your facebook to post verses and encouraging thoughts.

3) Post bible verses around the house where you will see them (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) to remind you of God's faithfulness.

4) Compliment someone and tell them how they have blessed your life.

5) Leave a love note on your child's pillow before they fall asleep.

6) Put a note in your husband lunch telling him how special he is to you.

7) Send a care package overseas to someone in the military filled with goodies and bible verses on post-it notes.

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  1. Great ideas all! I sent a card "snail mail" to a friend telling her how much I appreciate her as a friend... she literally expressed appreciation 4-5 different times "Did I tell you how much I loved your card", for 3 weeks... you never know what will really impact someone!

  2. Great ideas! I enjoy sending cards via snail mail to friends and people at church for encouragement. These days everything is text and fb so snail mail is nice.

  3. I loved your ideas. I think a hand written letter in today's world is such a treasure.
    Blessings for your thoughts!


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