Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Fun Way To Teach Your Toddler Boy Their Letters & Numbers

Teaching my daughter her letters and numbers was a piece of cake.  She knew all her letters and numbers by age 2 1/2.  Boys are a little different.  Each time I sit down with my 3 year old boy in a structured manner to learn, after about 10 seconds my little guy is distracted by something and disengaged.  

I saw this fun homemade game online for sight words, and thought, why couldn't I do this with letters and numbers?

I tried this game today and sure enough he loved it!  All you need is paper, a pen/crayon/marker, tape and some matchbox cars. {What boy doesn't have a bazillion cars lying around right!?}

I taped 2 pieces of paper sideways and one the other way.  I drew a road, parking spots, and then numbered the parking spots A-F, and 1-7.

Tell your child, park your car in letter A and so on and so forth.  Easy peasy!

Do you know of any other fun ways to teach little boys school?  I'd love for you to share in the comments!

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  1. Oh, brilliant, Traci! I did this with Ethan for sight words, but this is a great idea for letters and numbers to try with Gibs! Thank you!!!

  2. What a great, fun way to learn. Thanks for sharing :)


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