Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Sandy And Umbrellas And Pink Frosted Cupcakes

Being away this past weekend was no good for this lifestyle change of mine.  I had all good intentions to only eat the green apples I brought, drink lots of water, climb the stairs each night, and say no to every dark chocolate cupcake with pink frosting with mint sprinkles on top.  Needless to say, I succumbed to all things tasty and left no room for climbing Harrisburg's Hilton Hotel staircase.  I stayed up way too late, ate all sorts of yummy-ness, and the only form of exercise I did involved lifting my fork, yet again.

And so, this leaves me doing sit ups and leg lifts on my family room berber rug.  As I was doing my 200th crunch this morning, I looked up at this picture I've had hanging on my wall forever.  I've always loved the tenderness in this Jack-Vettriano painting.  My eye is naturally drawn to the romantic couple in the center.  The woman, in her striking red dress and the dashing, tall-dark-and-handsome man she has in her arms.

But I forget that, without the humble umbrella holders, they would be one sopping mess.  Her hair would be matted, hairspray running down her face, merging with mascara as they settle together into laugh lines.  

As hurricane Sandy approached the Northeast yesterday afternoon, I waited anxiously for my daughter's bus to arrive.  At this point, the trees had started their howling, and the rain was already moving in a soon to be destructive, horizontal fashion.  I quickly scrambled for my umbrella, and ran to meet her.  She smiled as I rescued her from the downpour and shielded her as best I could.  We laughed as we ran together back up the driveway, dodging earthworms, and puddles and debris.  We managed to make it inside before my umbrella imploded on itself and we both exhaled a sigh of relief.

Too often, (as I look at the picture above while doing my "get these pink frosting cupcakes off my side sit ups"), we don't take the time to lend an umbrella to our fellow christian. Instead, we sit and watch them get drenched, or worse yet, walk by and stomp our foot in that puddle and watch their pant leg get doused with mud.  

Let us be different?  Remember to always, be the humble umbrella-holder.  Always have the other person's best interests at heart.  Be excited for their triumphs and joys... and when the storms come, and the winds rage, be the umbrella-holder in their life.  

1 John 3:8 "Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth."  

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  1. I love how this totally relates to my day.
    Thanks for the smiles, and the inspiration to work on my "Get this cake of my sides" sit ups as well!


  2. Beautiful simple words. I could just see you and your daughter under the umbrella.

  3. Wow, what a great post! What a wonderful way to cause reflection and action. Xoxo

  4. Great reminder...I loved your analogy of the umbrella.

    This can be so easy at times and so hard at others-( like when God requires it multiple times).

    Thank you honey.

  5. Wow, what lovely thoughts. I do hope to be the umbrella holder. I have been receiver and giver in many situations and I am always so grateful that I have people who care about and want to help us when in need and then the other way around.
    I try hard to remember to think of thoughtful things to do for others and then do them.

  6. Great post Traci! I'm sure you enjoyed those yummy cupcakes...a fun splurge for you, and I'm sure you'll get them off your hips with all that exercise. This post reminds me of a book I once read called "Stretcher Bearers". I certainly want to be a stretcher bearer for others. Bless you Sweet Dear. Trusting all is well after the storm. XO


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