Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Storm 2012

We are staying inside today... we got at least 14-21 inches!  Do you have snow?

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  1. I am a bit jealous ;) We only had lots of rain here. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am hoping for a few good snowfalls this season.

  2. Stay warm and safe! Also, I just want to add my .02 that I hope you will continue with the encouragement and postings on weight loss. I have 30 pounds I have wanted to lose forever. I continually tell myself that God wants me to take care of my body and I say that as I put another slice of bread in my mouth. I know WHAT and HOW to lose weight, just struggling with the DOING part of it. Anyway, I was enjoying your postings of your journey. Blessings~Nancy

  3. Love your pictures :) Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Looks like a good time to stay in the pj's and snuggle and read huh? Stay safe Dear...we only have a few inches and a tad more on the way. Having all our kids and families here tomorrow - daughter is traveling 3 hours to get here, so am thankful the BIG storm is over for now. I too, look forward to your postings about weight loss. I am SO stuck and MUST get some lbs. off. Thanks for all you do to encourage & inspire. XO Happy New Year to you and yours.


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