Friday, June 29, 2012


I remember putting on little dance recitals as a young girl.  Me here, little sister there... smiles and anticipation filled the room.  Would they be proud of us?  Would they think we did our moves perfectly?  Did we look pretty enough?  Did I mess up?  

Life is a dance and it isn't about looking perfect or wondering if I'll mess up, but just simply choosing to dance.  The wonder.  The hunger.  Never taking a breath for granted.  The smallness of standing beside a vast ocean. The wonder of my big, great, awesome Heavenly Father.  

It's not about perfection, but choosing to always make time to dance.  Under raindrops and beneath sunlight.  That's where the bravery comes in.  Don't sit out... get out there and dance.  Don't settle for the path of least resistance.  

That's what I want for my children.  Don't be afraid, dear children, to wake up each morning and choose to dance.  Through the joys and pains of life, dance makes everything a little sweeter.  Simpler.  More lovely.  

Will I show them this example?  Will I, the mother, dance through my days of poopy diapers, mundane chores, cloudy storms, and uphill battles?  Will I choose to turn up the music of my Savior and dance to His perfect joy?  I set the example.  I tune the radio of their little souls.  

And dance... brings smiles.  Giggles. Belly Laughs!  Do get out there and dance, sweet mother.  When life is a blur and you can't seem to keep your head a float, put aside the dishes, the laundry, the chores... and dance with your little babes!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Best Way To Teach Your Child To Read

Are you making time to read to your children?
Are they reading to you?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On How I Think Parents Should Make Vows To Their Children

This week, one child had the puking bug, the other had an ear infection, and the third was injured.  All needed my attention, a cup of water, a tissue, a bottle, a pillow, a listener, a waitress, a maid, all at the same time.  I'm not super woman people, I can only do one thing at a time, I blurt out.  That's when it dawns on me... no one said these parenting days would be full of rainbows and skittles, good behavior, and non-puking kids.  It will have days and nights that seem endless.  There will be sleep deprivation.  There will be frustration.  There will be tears.  That's when I wondered, why don't parents take vows upon having children?  Today I wrote one for all you mothers out there:  

I mother, take you (child's name), to be my blessed son/daughter.  With deepest joy I welcome you into our family.  So Christ is loving towards me, I too, will always treat you with love and respect.  I commit my days and nights to you, knowing that you will need my affirmation, tenderness, and affection to grow and thrive.  I promise to bring you up under the love and admonition of Jesus Christ.  In all I do and say, I will strive to point you to Him as the headship of our home.

I mother, will make ever effort to respect your father.  By God's strength, I will demonstrate to you what a faithful wife I am your daddy.

I mother, will be determined to be a good steward of my days, time, finances, and household responsibilities.  Ever honoring God's guidance by His Spirit through the Word, and so throughout life, no matter what may lie ahead of us, I pledge to you my life, dear child, as a loving and faithful mother. 

In sickness and in health, in terrible twos and dreadful tween and teen years, I pledge to you my love and faithfulness.  You are so very precious to me, dear child.  

When I lose my temper, say and do hurtful things, I promise to ask you for my forgiveness.  I will strive to ever keep our relationship pure, current, and welcoming.  No matter where and when discipline is needed, I will strive make grace and love abound that much more.  Where discipline is needed, I promise to treat you with the kindness of a close friend.  

You are my child, and I devote myself to your nurturing, guiding, kissing, hugging, reading of books, sharing of stories, exchanging of giggles, even into your twenties.  I love you, sweet child.  I vow my life to you, how ever long that may be!   


Friday, June 22, 2012

I Did Some Tornado Cleaning Today!

I read about tornado cleaning over at Sarah Mae's blog and it was definitely time to do some today.  It took 45 minutes to clean 4 rooms and here are some before and after pictures below.

Here's what I did:

1) Turned on some music:  Casting Crowns CD.
2) Put everything back in its rightful place.
3) Swept floors and cleaned off table.
4) Unloaded and loaded the dish washer.
5) Cleaned kids bedroom- the kids and I made the beds.  It was their job to put everything that was theirs on top of their bed and get everything under the beds out.  We then put everything away.

Do you need to do some tornado cleaning?  Read about it HERE!













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Risk & The Bullied Grandma

Risk involves saying no to what everyone is saying yes to.  It wears bravery in the face of bandwagons and crowd pleasers.  Raising little babes in this world takes risk.  Some say, why have kids... this world is just getting worse.  I mean, just look at the bullying incident in my hometown this week that has gained national attention.

Raising children in this day in age takes risk... but God's power in our children's lives far out shadows the risk.  I say, let's all have lots of babies and raise them to walk with the Lord.  But then again, no matter what we do and how we raise our children, the Holy Spirit must get a hold of their lives and change them from the inside out.  Because really, any one of our children could have been on that video posted to facebook.

I wept this morning in my kitchen over it.  I did.  My heart broke for that Grandma.  My heart also broke for those teenagers that thought, for some reason, being so cruel to someone else would make them cool.  Popular.  In fact, it brought just the opposite.  Death threats.  I bet they think that isn't very cool now.  

From a very young age, teach your little ones to always include everyone.  To never speak an unkind word about the chubby kid in their class, or the child that doesn't look like everyone else, or the kid sitting alone at the lunch table.  Teach them that everyone has feelings and it is never, ever, okay to make someone feel so inferior.  Teach them that first is last and last is first and this life is not about them.  Teach them to love others how Christ loves them.  Most of all, teach them responsibility for their actions.

Since lighting up the web, people have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to send this Grandma on a vacation.  That's wonderful... but what about holding this teens accountable and making them publicly apologize to this sweet lady?  

How do you instill values into your children's lives?  Do you think it is risky to have children in this day and age?  Do you believe that God's power in their lives is worth the risk?  I DO! 



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Is For...

Summer Is For...

swimming all day long.
a trail of wet, grassy feet marks on your floor.
ice cream.
picnics on a blanket in the yard.
sun kisses cheeks.
pb&jelly sandwiches on the back porch.
boat rides.
play dates with friends.
trips to the zoo.
trips to amusement parks.
vacation bible school.
flip flops.
lazy days.
sand between your toys.
bike rides.
baseball games.
sidewalk chalk.
soccer games.
napping in a hammock.
flying kites.
running a 5k.
eating yumminess from your garden.
mini golf.
late night ice cream runs in your pjs.
homemade ice cream.
tan lines.
cotton dresses.
family movie nights.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Placing Treasures Into Your Child's Memory Bank

I have some very special memories from my childhood.  A lot of it I have forgotten, but when I'm taking a stroll down memory lane, what stands out to me?  Laying on my mother's cool, soft legs, hair swept across my brow, while I was terribly ill.  Memorizing scripture with my father at age three.  Going on a family vacation to Florida and getting a small toy to open for each state line we crossed.  Sitting around the family room floor doing devotions together.  It's the little things.  It's the smiles.  It's the tender touches.  Thoughtful glances.  Poured out, unconditional love and grace.  I can tell you what it's not.  It's not the times I lose my temper, yell at my kids, and am harsh with them.  It's the quiet, slow, intentional moments.  

How can you place treasures into your children's memory bank?  "Each day of our lives we make deposits into the memory banks of our children."  ~ Chuck Swindoll

1) Be present.  When your children are awake, engage them.  
2) Be consistent.  There are times when you will go with the flow, but strive to create consistency.  
3) Be Christ-like.  Strive to be like Jesus, and their little memory banks will be filled to the brim!
4) Be Spirit filled.  Confess your sins and be led by the Holy Spirit.
5) Be joyful.  Wear a smile, Mama.  Days won't always be great, but ask the Lord to give you His joy.
6) Be a positive presence.  Don't be a whiny, negative Mama.  It will rub off on your children.
7) Be a rock.  Give your children the security they need and crave; to lean on and to hide under during life's storms.
8) Be a parent, and a friend later.  Right now your job is to be a parent.  The friendship will come later.
9) Be fun.  Be fun!  No matter what you are doing, there is time for silliness and creativity!
10) Be frugal.  Find things to do that don't cost much money.  Teach your kids they can have fun on little.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Reignite The Passion In Your Marriage A.C (After Children)

He's coming to pick me up in 10 minutes.  I check my hair, then my makeup, then my clothes.  I turn around a bit and look over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror.  T minutes 2 minutes and I do it all over again.  I squirt a dash of perfume into the hair and walk through it.  I can't wipe the goofy grin off my face and I don't want to.  Butterflies dart around in my stomach and they only pick up speed when I hear his car roll into the driveway.

That was nine years ago.  Nine years ago, when I didn't have home to take care of, 3 babes to tend to all day long, and a body recovering from birthing 3 little ones.  Somewhere along those nine years, the excitement of just being in one another's presence can get stifled a bit.  Okay, a lot most days.

How can you reignite the passion in your marriage?

  1. Get yourself a secret diary!  
  2. Remember when you use to journal all those special things you did together?  Maybe you made a scrapbook of your dating years, or kept special clippings from outings you went on together.  Who says you can't do that again when you are married?  
  3. Work on your friendship.  Kindness goes a long way.  Have you ever been around just a plain old nasty person?  Not fun, huh!  Don't be that nasty person to your spouse.  Work on doing things that will cultivate your friendship.
  4. Laugh together.  Don't take life so seriously!  Life with little children has a way of zapping the humor out of life.  What makes your spouse laugh?  Only you know... so go ahead, be silly again!
  5. Sit next to each other on the couch!  Remember the days when you couldn't keep your hands off one another?  Now, you are on separate sides of the family room.  You on your love seat, and your husband on his.  Where's the love in that?
  6. Put away your laptops, ipads, phones, and kindles.  Too much electronics are not good for our children, and they are not good for our marriages.  For more reasons than I can list here, there are dangers to spending too much time online.  Somewhere, our spouse can fall through the cracks and we can find more excitement in what others are doing on facebook than finding out what our spouse did that day.  Unplug, and engage in conversation with one another.
  7. Confess your faults.  Does your marriage need a little more than just passion?  Maybe you need to start from the ground up and confess your faults to one another.  Ask for forgiveness.  Start over.
  8. Work on your outward appearance.  It's okay to think about what you look like, but it shouldn't be the number one focus.  Have you let yourself go in recent years?  Why not be a little more diligent to look your best for your husband when he walks through the door in the evening?  Put on some makeup.  Do you hair.  Take a shower! 
  9. Work on your inward appearance.  All the outward pampering cannot change a thing if we haven't first met with the Lord.  He is the one that makes our countenance glow!  All the creams and dermatological treatments can never fix up a broken and angry spirit.  Give yourself a free makeover:  meet with the Lord today in prayer and open up the Bible.
  10. Make time for intimacy.  Only you and your spouse knows if this area has been left wanting.  Maybe every other day has turned into once a week if your lucky.  Maybe even once a month.  Intimacy is a very important part of a marriage relationship.  If all the other things above need worked on, usually your bedroom does too!  Why not initiate the romance?  It's totally okay to do that in marriage! 
  11. Keep your mind pure.  As women, our minds are a battleground.  We struggle more (most cases) with the battlefield of our minds, and men (usually) with what they look at.  If you let those fantasies, comparison games, and negativity cloud your mind, you will view your husband in an unhealthy manner.
  12. Give your bedroom a makeover.  Is your bedroom the last room to get some tender loving care?  Are there clothes piled high on dressers, walls left bare, and children's toys strewn about to trip over?  Maybe save some extra cash and give your bedroom a face lift?  The nicer it looks, the more cozy it will feel.  Dust off that romantic music and candles to give your room a finishing touch!
  13. Send flirty texts.  Let's face it, there isn't much alone time after you have children.  You have to fight for time.  Lock doors.  Everything is rush rush rush.  Why not save time and build some excitement during the day?
  14. Learn something new together.  Go take a skiing, cooking, or dancing lesson together.  Learning something new together and accomplishing a goal can reignite some passion.  
  15. Teamwork!  There's nothing more attractive than teamwork in marriage.  Help one another out.  Seek to alleviate a burden.  A stress.  How can you help your spouse out today? 
  16. Revamp your finances.  For my husband, when finances are tight, he gets down big time!  How can we, as the wife, help to ease that burden?  Maybe you both need to put away the debit cards, stick to a budget, and say no to some extra frills for awhile.  Seek to honor the Lord and get yourself out of debt.  Work together!
  17. Ask your spouse what their love language is!  Don't know you?  After all these years?  Why not ask?  Ask them what makes them feel most loved.  Most appreciate.  Most respected and cherished.  
  18. Ask your spouse what turns them on.  Have a conversation together after the kids have gone to bed.  Be honest and tell one another.  Now do those things... regularly.   
  19. You don't know what you have till it's gone!  Remember to be thankful for your spouse.  Think about what they do for you and tell them often.  Our elderly next door neighbor is dying of cancer.  He has probably less than 2 months to live.  I see him and his wife outside doing yard work together, soaking up each moment spending time together.  What would I do if I knew my husband was going to die in 2 months?  I'd cherish every moment I had with him... even pulling weeds together!  
  20. Be affectionate in front of your children!  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwie, mommy and daddy are kissing again!  Let this be said of your marriage, that your children say this often!
  21. Dance together.  After the kids have gone to bed, dance in the kitchen together.  Dance in the living room.  Dance in the ________... be creative!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Fresh Perspective On Raising Children

"Why didn't anyone tell us parenting was this tough before we had kids?" my husband mumbled under his breath the other evening.  It is.  It is down... right... exhausting sometimes.  When three kids wake up before seven am, and they are all crying at the same time, and I'm all like, stop whining and eat your breakfast and can't we all be happy... I just want to break down and cry.  A few things I'm learning along this parenting journey are:

#1) It is not going to look, smell, or be perfect.

I realize that I need to concede to the fact that parenting won't be perfect.  Far from it.  Sometimes I'm striving for perfection while parenting, when I should be simply depending on God's perfect strength and leaving it at that.

#2) It is an investment.

Putting something of value towards something with the expectation of gain.  Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  You are investing during tough and perilous times.  Just like putting your money towards an investment during hard economic times, you need to protect those little assets called children.  

#3) How do we protect our assets called children?  

We protect and hold and safeguard them with the sword of the Spirit--- THE WORD OF GOD.  Bathe yourself in the Bible.  After you have bathed yourself, bathe your children in it.  Play bible songs during your day.  Read together.  Pray together.  Ask scripture, provoking questions.  And most importantly, show them the Word of God!

#4) It takes time.

Remember, parenting is a marathon not a sprint!  It will take time for these little souls to grow and mature.  Don't rush the growth or you may stunt and harm the buds!

#5) It takes endurance.

Daily, hourly, minute by minute endurance!

#6) It takes selfless acts of unconditional love.

Like no other thing in my life thus far, parenting has stretched me, grown me, and made me more like my Heavenly Father.  It has shown me my sin, my weaknesses, and my selfishness; but oh how it has shown me so much more about His grace and mercy and unconditional love for me.  I need to live that love out to my little babes.

#7) The fruit will come after years of diligent harvesting.

Hard work during the younger years will produce fruit one day.  I have faith in this and know God can and will bring the increase!

#8) I want a heart change, not the perfect child.

I want my children to know that God loves them.  That He wants them to obey Him in every area because that is what is best for their little lives.  I want them to live and breathe the gospel.  I want to stop trying to discipline in order to gain order and perfection, but discipline in a way that points them to Christ, and changes their heart because He moved and breathed upon the waters of their souls.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Please Pray For 32 Week Old Baby Soja

If you get a moment in your day today, please click the button below to find out how you can pray for baby Soja and her sweet mommy and daddy.  Thanks!  Oh, don't forget to follow the blog site to let the parents know that you are supporting them.  

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Stay In Love With Your Husband For A Lifetime

I see good marriages fail all around me.  Every day.  People that I never would have expected.  Ever.  It hurts.  Here are some ways that you can stay in love with your spouse for a lifetime.  Is your marriage failing? Why not start at #1 again?

1) Always strive to uphold your friendship.
2) Always seek to please the other person.
3) Never, ever, ever, ever go to bed angry.
4) Always keep your communication current.
5) Be affectionate often.
6) Praise one another privately and publicly.
7) Don't let irritations turn into resentment.
8) Don't compare your husband with another man.
9) Get away, just the 2 of you, once in awhile.
10) Try to date weekly or every other week.
11) Pray/read the Bible together.
12) Serve in church together.
13) Encourage them to partake in activities they enjoy.
14) Laugh every day!
15) Don't let children come before your relationship.
16) Don't let pride get the best of your marriage.
17) Say goodbye to always needing to be right.
18) Flirt with each other.
19) Seek to do special things for the other person.
20) Find time to be silly with one another.

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Why I'm Saying No Thank You, To Zumba

By no means am I a prude.  I love to get out on a wedding dance floor and do the electric slide with a group of people.  I've always enjoyed that.  It's super fun and I can never wipe that goofy grin off my face afterwards.  That's why I'm hesitant to write this post.  I know that Zumba is all the rage these days.  I almost feel pressured by the mob of my peers.  

I've taken two Zumba classes and each time it just hasn't resonated well with my spirit.  My gut.  His Spirit within me.  He's just not at home in me afterwards.  That's for me, and it may not be that way for you.  Don't go cancel your Zumba class just because it doesn't resonate with me.  His Spirit, in me.  I know a lot of godly ladies who get their Zumba on.

What I love about Zumba:
  • Hello, it's a super hard workout!
  • I love doing moves all together with a bunch of girls.
  • I do love a lot of the moves and dances.
  • I sweat like crazy.
  • I love hanging out with a bunch of friends.
What I don't love about Zumba:
  • A lot of the dirty music.
  • All those provocative, hip shaking, pelvic thrusting, chest popping moves.
  • The way I feel almost dirty afterwards.
This post isn't written because I think you should or shouldn't partake in a Zumba class.  This post is more on a lesson I'm continually learning:  If the Holy Spirit isn't at home in YOU... doing, or watching, or saying something... don't fight it, just be obedient and you will be at peace with your decision.  

The Holy Spirit is a precious gift to the child of God that convicts the heart of personal sin.  Don't grieve Him, for He lives within you if you know Him as personal Savior.  "Ephesians 4:30: And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption."

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Is Blogging Narcissistic?

In the ancient world of personal journals being held captive under lock and key, just the opposite has taken the internet by storm.  What's that?  Blogging.  Online journals for the whole world to see.  With one swipe of the key, our words are published, critiqued, and analyzed.  

Some may say blogging is narcissistic; definition: excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige, and vanity.  Anti-blogging activists flood the threshold and throw their arrows often.

My answer?  Sure, like with anything, vanity could be the motive.  Or it can sneak in there and subtly and cannily  turn the good motives into prideful ones.   Sure, there may be some people that use blogging for their own campaign of personal hierarchy and fame.  But what about all the positives that outweigh the negative?  

What do I see in the christian blogging community?  

Women proclaiming the name of the Lord, Jesus.
Women banding together and encouraging the heart of Mama.
Women lifting up feeble wives and teaching them how to respect their husbands.
Women boldly proclaiming God's Word.

To me that isn't narcissistic.
To me that is glorifying God.
To me that is art.
To me that is creativity, just as knitting, scrapbooking, and sewing are for you, non-blogger.
To me it's just what I need some days... (as a writer and a reader of your blog).  What do you think?

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Expectation - Five Minute Friday

Fly with me, as I dream big.  I am a young girl, sitting in a tree house, climbing rocks, wading through creek beds, dreaming.  Fly with me.

My feet touch the warm grass, and I wiggle my toes between its blades.  I dip my dusty feet into a pond and search for tiny fish.  Fly with me.

I'm a girl who loves to dream.  To expect the day to be nothing more than the very best.  To feel the excitement of the wind, personal connection, and the joys of the day.  I know all to well that to expect only good is foolish because my Father promises storms will come.  

A storm cloud, as big as the earth waltzed over my daughter's soccer field last night.  Big, monstrous raindrops pounded on the windows of our car as I drove the three little ones home to safety.  The whole car shook from the force of the water.  What, I said... not expecting to hear what she said way back in third row.  She said it again and I didn't hear.  We just smiled at one another.  Sometimes the not so ordinary, {a surprise rain storm on a car ride home} can be enough to shake up a boring day and make life smile again.  

We looked up and saw that pretty rainbow, that stood from bottom of road to the very top of the heavens.  We all enjoyed the gift of that moment.  Fly with me.

And so, when life seems unfair, and the burdens of sin weigh you down, and you cry stream beds of tears because it saddens you, and you just want to escape and make it all go away, keep dreaming, keep expecting, keep hoping.  There is a rainbow after your storm, dear friend.  It's coming, and it is oh so beautiful.  Fly with me. 

I'm no longer that young girl who dreamed outside as the heat of the Summer sun tanned my arms and face, but I'm a grown woman, a wife, a mom, a child of the King of Kings, who still dreams big, each and every day.  Expectation and hope are sisters.  They are optimists; but never so naive to know that storms will arise... but they choose to believe the best.


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Organized Mom!

I know you've been there.  Your house is literally falling apart at the seams.  Dishes piled high.  Toys strewn across the floor.  Dust bunnies growing fur.  Babies crying.  Children fighting.  INSERT MOM FREAKS OUT HERE.

No need to with Susan from The Confident Mom!  She says that our actions are critical in creating a peaceful, orderly home.  Small, intentional choices turning into positive, life transforming changes for your entire family!

I printed out the 2012 Weekly Household Planner and it totally got my rear back in gear for organizing my home after little baby #3 was born.  Print this planner for only $9!  Think about how much you will save with such an investment.  You will save your sanity!  Use this code:  INS9 for 20% off the already low price!

Each week is on one page, and each day of that week is listed out with specific items to complete.  You can easily add your own specific to-do items as well!

FREE BONUS PLANNER: A free weekly menu planner and grocery list!!!  Check out here and don't forget to use the INS9 code.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Prayer For Your Home

I ran across these verses in my devotions this morning and they totally jumped off my Bible at me.  I hope they bless you.  Let's make these verses our prayer?

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Monday, June 4, 2012

On Adoption, Foster Care, Family Court, & Other Such Rantings...

I grew up loving the movie Annie and The Little Princess.  I'm a succor for the underdog.  The outcast.  The abandoned.  I was the outcast.  The underdog.  The abandoned. Jesus came to my rescue.  He scooped me up, carried me half dead with dirty knees and washed me.  With more tenderness than a mother with her child, He washed the dirt from my face, my feet, my heart.  He washed it with His blood.  The blood that cost something on Calvary. 

There is an uprising in our churches.  It is a good uprising.  It is a Holy Spirit uprising, because only He can cause such a stirring.  A stirring for the abandoned.  The orphan.  The child who is left to sit in their feces and bed of lice and fed crumbs in the name of parenting.  Not cool.  

I heard someone say yesterday that family court judges should be required to foster a child for a year before they ever get the right to sit on that authoritative bench.  To hold that gavel that sends the innocent child back into a cruel environment with one prideful bang on their big, bad bench.  Not cool.

I must admit, all this talk about adoption, and the orphan, and foster care, has made me a little uncomfortable.  Isn't that horrible?  Am I the only one?  Probably not.  Am I doing something wrong, Lord?  If I don't adopt?  If I don't take in a child from the system?  If I simply take care of the children I've birthed?

I feel somewhat guilty for not wanting to take on more responsibility at this time.  Because, the Lord knows, I can barely take care of my 3 little ones most days.

But I can do something.  You and I can pray for a heart change.  I've prayed for a heart change.  Ask the Lord how you can help.  Maybe, for now, it is simply to pray for these precious ones the Lord so cares for.  Maybe it is to sponsor a child?  Or consider foster care at some point.  

Whatever it is, on whatever level, don't let the answer be to turn your head so you don't have to see the pain... because it's there, whether you want to see it or not.  God calls us to care.  He calls you to care.  If you are like me, and content with your pretty little family God has blessed you with, remember... there is more we can be doing.  Ask Him.  Be willing.  Don't turn your head in ignorance.  Don't, with a prideful, unwilling heart, say I'm okay... because that child, is so not okay in that dark, lonely corner of the globe.  

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shutting Down Facebook

Often times I am tempted to shut it all down.  Facebook.  Blogging.  All the online hoop-da-la.  Ya know?  It's something I hear echoed all over the web.  Moms wanting to simplify and slow the train down.  I was musing over this in church of all places today.  I was picturing myself coming home and deactivating my account for awhile.  Taking a break.

But then I realized I need to not be an all or nothing woman.  I'm like that.  With eating.  With reading my bible.  All or nothing.  That is what God is working on this woman's heart lately.  Consistency and balance.

I spent the day offline and it amazes me how refreshed I feel.  The online world has a way of sucking the life right out of us.  I was reminded doing my devotions the other day that God wants me to make Him my habitation.  Psalm 91:9 says, For thou, O Jehovah, art my refuge! Thou hast made the Most High thy habitation.

I want to make the Lord my habitation.  He alone can satisfy this heart.  He alone is worthy of my praise.  He alone can fill me when I'm empty and feeling completely and utterly tapped out.  Emotionally.  Physically.  Spiritually.  All areas.

Habitation = Dwelling Place.

Deuteronomy 33:27 "The eternal God is thy dwelling-place, And underneath are the everlasting arms. And he thrust out the enemy from before thee, And said, Destroy."