Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't Let A Strain In Your Chain Turn Into A Break

I love setting goals and pushing myself to achieve them.  In the beginning, I have all my ambitious ideas scratched out on paper with every intention of keeping them.  The first few days, even the first few weeks are down right magical.  Then the day comes where I wake up and have lost all sense of motivation and drive. Are you with me?  Have you experienced this?

There will be days when we are tired, unmotivated and fear starts to creep into the mind.  See, you are just going to fail again, just give up!  This is when the link in the chain is strained.  

Your adversary knows that if he can discourage you enough to defeat you, he has broken your drive to succeed and proclaim Christ's power.  Don't let him win.

Different things that can put a strain in your chain:

fear of failure
tired and weary days
harsh critics
playing the victim

Ways to mend the chain:

think positive (Proverbs 23:7: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he)
remind yourself of your goals
remind yourself of the reasons you want to achieve your goals
make the goals yours for the taking
regain your drive and passion
remember that a strain does not equal a break
Don't let a strain turn into a break in your chain.  A strain in a chain can be mended; a break divides the chain and halts further grown.  

Don't let your bad days turn your goals into failures.  You have a choice to make each day:  will you let your failures and mistakes define you and defeat you, or will you rise above them, motivated to push even harder and with greater intensity?

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  1. Awesome post! What a gosh, where are those stairs?

    1. Thanks Diane! Not sure, I found the image free online... it's pretty amazing!

  2. This is so encouraging! THANK YOU! I often forget that the father of lies is also all about keeping us sitting on our hands and feeling sorry for ourselves. I have fallen into that trap more than once. :)

  3. Love this, I feel like this too at times, you are not alone!!

  4. Thanks....really needed this today. It seems the closer I get to departing for my mission trip to Cambodia, that more I get hit and the harder it is to stand against the "strain". Alissa Collins (comment above)....thank you for that reminder too! Time to take a deep breath and move forward.


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