Monday, February 25, 2013

The Only Way To Truly Walk By Faith

"So faith comes from hearing, 
and hearing through the Word of God."

I cannot please God apart from faith.  It is impossible.  If it's your desire to please God, go lay down all that you have at His feet, and trust Him completely.  Lay down the thing most precious to you.  What I treasure shows where my heart is at.  Deny yourself and take up His cross; this is the ultimate sacrifice to a life of discipleship and loyalty to our King of Kings.

If I say I love Him, I will obey His commandments. 
I will experience true and full joy.

Faith, apart from the Word of God, is not true faith.  Faith comes from hearing the Word of God, and making a choice to fully obey and trust our Savior. 

Are you moving forward in faith?  

By faith, you can.

Go to the Word of God.


Then obey.

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