Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Raising Little Girls

Our six year old girl was upstairs crying in her bedroom last night.  I ruffled her pink and purple butterfly comforter and sat down next to her.

What's wrong honey?  She told me she didn't know and that she just felt sad.  Instead of going through all the reasons that I thought she might be sad, I simply asked her if she wanted a hug.  

I pulled her onto my lap and hugged her.  After about 20 seconds I asked her if she felt better.  

Yeah, I do feel better Mommy.  Thank you.

Sometimes all we need is a good hug!  We all can feel sad, lonely, left-out and just plain "blah".  A hug lets someone know that you are there and ready to listen to them. 

 I got out our Mama and Me Journal and asked her if she wanted to write in it.  Here's how our conversation progressed.  

Riley to Mommy:  Dear Mommy, I love you.  Thank you for cheering me up when I was sad and that's why I love you.  Love, Riley

Mommy to Riley: Dear Riley, You're welcome.  Sometimes I feel sad too and I don't know why.  Hugs always make everything better!  I love you.  Love, Mommy

Riley to Mommy: Dear Mommy, I love you even when I get mad at you.  I want to spend more time with you.  I hope we can.  Love, Riley

Mommy to Riley: Dear Riley, I'd love that!  What would you like to do together more?  Love, Mommy

Riley to Mommy: Dear Mommy, I want to go to the movie theater and drink soda and eat popcorn.  Can we have popcorn tonight?

I love how her heavy and sad countenance turned around by just communicating with me.  I always want to leave this door of communication open with her; especially when she enters those dreaded teen years!

How do you stay connected with your children as they grow out of childhood into their teen years?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I really like the Love Journal idea! Do you think it would work with a little boy too?

  2. This is such a precious story and a beautiful reminder. They don't always know why they are feeling down, sad or even scared. I love the idea of the journal too. Wow. That is such a great idea! I am going to try it with my guys starting with my 10 yr old. I agree with you, it is so important that we not lose communication with them and that is a great way to do it!


    Mary Joy

  3. What a sweet relationship! ((Hugs)) are wonderful...and I can never get enough of them...or give enough of them to my loved ones! :)

    The journal is a great idea!



  4. That journal is a wonderful idea, Traci. Isn't it sweet that children just want to spend time with their parents? They don't say I want more quality time....they just want TIME!

  5. I keep meaning to put this together for me and my girls. Great idea!

  6. How wonderful is this?! So precious, and great idea!

  7. So precious. And such a good idea.

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