Friday, March 15, 2013

Rest: Five Minute Friday

I rush here and there.  Early mornings press hard and fast.  They are abrupt and threaten my retreat to covers piled high over head to cancel out the light.  Daylight peeks in and most mornings I crave the darkness, stillness and quiet of the night far more than the pressing demands that await.

A beautiful composition of lines and notes and clefts still require breaks and rest.  I've heard little ones pound piano keys harsh and brash.  There is no rest in their pounding.  I've also been blessed to have my ears tickled by the art of a true musician.  They play their music from deep within and their fingers dance across the keys and right into my soul.  I can feel their passion and purpose.  I hear the crescendos of life and they are always followed by a careful pause and rest.  

Life pleads for rest.  Without rest the soul will grow weary, burdened and void of radiant beauty.

May we all find rest as David penned in the 23rd Psalm,

He lets me rest in green meadows.
He leads me beside peaceful streams.
He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths.

The dark paths are promised to come.  The valley's deep where rest seems afar and calamity echos within the mountain peaks.  It is in those times I'm beyond grateful for a Shepherd that walks close beside me.  He does not rush ahead nor fall behind.  His steps are steady with mine and His gentle hand is continually outstretched.  He folds his fingers in my grasp and His smile is bright and promising.

He, my God, brings inner peace and rest.  We break bread and feast upon a picnic basket full of blessings laid out in the presence of my enemies.  Arrows fly overhead, and we feast on a checkered blanket of love.  

He alone, is my rest.  He is the musician of my heart.  He is the gentle Shepherd that guides me up through the valley upon the mountain top once again.  He is so very faithful and His promises are always true.
picture taken in Las Vegas last week:

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  1. Oh, I love the music analogy and the beauty of a perfectly timed rest! My sis is a beautiful piano player and I grew up listening to her play for hours on end.
    And what a gorgeous picture- oh, my word!!! Lovely post!!!

  2. Simply beautiful! "He is the musician of my heart." Thank you for sharing. So happy to find my way here through FMF. Blessings to you.

  3. What beautiful analogies! You are a gifted writer.


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